FinTech startup seeking cyber security standards

A FinTech startup seeking assurance of cyber security standards

A significant investor required assurance that the FinTech start up had sufficient data protection and risk management systems and controls in place to meet its own high standards. The CAIQ (Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire) survey provided by the Cloud Security Alliance was identified as the commonly recognised and accepted industry standard for the security controls of the SaaS applications.

Approach to engaging with the client
Through a series of yes or no control-assertion questions that we customised to fit the client’s particular arrangements, we completed the questionnaire during an onsite meeting with the technology team and from documentation provided in advance. Worked with internal stakeholders to transfer knowledge on the security standards expected and the recommended and prioritised next steps.

fscom delivered the CAIQ assessment report and provide follow-up input to support the client in achieving their goal.

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