Wind-Down Plans

Wind-down planning

Your clients are at the heart of everything you do and protecting their interests is not only a top priority for your Board but also the Central Bank.

When everything else you do is about staying in business, one of the important consumer protection measures you can put in place is a wind-down plan.

Our team of specialists can help you assess the point at which the decision would have to be made to wind-down your business and plan all the steps that would have to be taken to ensure the wind-down is orderly and that your customers are not left out of pocket.

Why have a wind-down plan?

Having a wind-down plan in place is a key element of demonstrating your commitment to ensuring your consumer does not end up out of pocket.

It aims to enable a firm to cease its regulated activities and achieve cancellation of its permission with minimal adverse impact on its clients, counterparties or the wider markets.

What does wind-down planning involve? 

The process of developing a wind-down plan helps you assess if you would have adequate resources e.g. capital, liquidity, knowledge and manpower to wind down in an orderly fashion, especially under challenging circumstances.

How can we help?

Using a workshop led approach to developing a wind-down plan for your firm, you will benefit from:

  • Best practice templates made bespoke to you
  • Previous experience of robust wind-down plans
  • Transfer of our team’s knowledge and expertise
  • Interactive, engaging workshops
  • Slide pack of wind-down plan for presentation to Board and CBI

If you are looking for assistance to develop a robust wind-down plan to ensure you are prepared for the worst-case scenario, talk to us today.

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