fscom announces brand refresh

fscom is proud to announce a refresh of its brand identity.


The initiative reflects the firm’s recent changes in its headquarters move to state of the art offices in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, and aims to make a strong statement about its plans for the future.


The logo itself has only slightly changed in its colour and font but is now complemented by a fingerprint background design that demonstrates how fscom’s unique experience and expertise is added to each and every project we provide. 

The brand identity is further enhanced with a three shape coloured system to symbolise fscom’s agility and adaptability.

“As a boutique consultancy, we believe that the refreshed brand identity confidently demonstrates a renewed energy and forward-thinking approach to compliance while ensuring professionalism and expertise remain the core of what we do,” said Jamie Cooke, Managing Director.

The refreshed brand has been successfully rolled out on fscom’s promotional material and will be updated across further collateral over the course of the next few months.

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