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AML Compliance Support

We understand how compliance teams often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the ever-changing complex regulations, senior management reporting requirements and third-party requests.

You can take comfort in knowing that you have access to a highly skilled team of deep domain experts who thrive on transferring our knowledge to compliance teams like yours. We have supported a lot of financial crime prevention teams in client companies with services including compliance monitoring, risk management and policies and procedures.

Compliance monitoring

The Money Laundering Regulations 2017, Regulation 19 3 (e) states that, “the monitoring and management of compliance with, and the internal communication of, such policies, controls and procedures.” The challenge presented to the client is how to go about evidencing to the Regulator that the firm is compliant with the above regulation.

The compliance monitoring framework is in place to ensure the MLRO can monitor and control the processes for combating financial crime. All necessary information is detailed within the framework, allowing the MLRO to articulate all developments that have occurred in the preceding year.

As a result, the framework can be used as a helpful tool in order to produce the annual MLRO report. We can help you with the development of policies and procedures, offering guidance on how to set up and document transaction monitoring systems

As financial crime experts, we have extensive experience in facilitating the development and execution of a compliance monitoring framework for our clients.


Risk management

From whole firm to client or product risk assessments, we can support you to ensure that risks are appropriately identified, assessed and if required, mitigated.

We provide a fresh view on the enterprise wide financial crime risk assessment as we have extensive knowledge of both the regulations as well as best practice from within industry – experience that we have learned from and that we can pass onto our clients.


AML policies and procedures

Whether it is creating new or developing existing anti money laundering (AML) policies or procedures, we offer support in the drafting and implementing of this AML documentation. This can range from reviewing policies against regulation, guidance and best practices and to reflect changes in the firm’s environment or offerings.

With all existing controls in one place, with descriptions and details on ownership of the controls, clients are best able to ensure maximum oversight of the Financial Crime regime.


PEPs and Sanctions

Our consultants can also advise on politically exposed person (PEP) and sanctions compliance.

If you are looking for assistance in an ad hoc compliance project in setting up, reviewing or improving your compliance monitoring system, risk management or anti money laundering (aml) policies and procedures, then let’s start a conversation today.

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