Regulatory Compliance

Are you a fintech start-up or financial services scale-up looking for a regulatory licence?

As a financial services company who wants to carry on regulated activities, you will need the approval of the regulator.

As the leading regulatory compliance experts in the UK, we have successfully helped hundreds of companies achieve authorisation with the FCA. We welcome you to start a conversation with our experts to see how we can help you with this essential part of your setup or scale-up while you get on with the important task of building and growing your business.


Working with the regulators

Obtaining UK  authorisation requires you to demonstrate to the regulator that your business model is one that meets the regulator’s expectations, that the owners and directors are fit and proper, and that there are robust systems and controls in place. Authorisation can only be obtained if all of these requirements are met.


Why work with us?

We are not all things to all people; we focus and specialise in working with:

  • Payments and e-money institutions
  • Crypto firms
  • Retail banks
  • Asset managers
  • Trader and brokers


Let our experts guide you through the authorisation process

We are experts in authorisations having assisted in hundreds of firms’ authorisations and with an ex-regulator on the team,  we understand what the regulator is looking for. Our customer centric approach also means that everyone from small financial services firms starting up to longer-established companies looking to scale up trust us with their authorisation.

We not only advise, we actually help you pull together the application pack for submission to the regulator, help with post submission queries until you achieve successful authorisation in a time effective manner.

If you would like to talk through the authorisation process, get in touch and book a free initial consultation with fscom today.

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