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As financial services institutions face ever-evolving cyber threats, it is crucial to prioritise risk management. With the spotlight on AI advancement, as well as the regulator’s focus on operational resilience, an IT and cyber security audit will help you identify areas of weakness and allow you to mitigate the risks posed by external threat actors before they can be exploited.

Our leading IT and cyber risk specialists have many years of experience in the financial services sector and deep domain expertise in the payments and investment sectors, making us the ideal partner for your IT and cyber risk assurance needs.

What is an IT and cyber security audit?

An IT and cyber security audit is an external independent review of your information security processes, controls, documented policies and procedures, and personnel in order to assess your ability to protect information assets from the impact of cyber threats.

Why carry out an IT and cyber security audit?

IT and cyber security reviews are an essential tool in delivering effective management of IT and cyber risks and underpin compliance to PSD2, particularly the Article 3 requirement of the Regulatory Technical Standards, CIST, Pay.UK, Swift, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Demonstrate your IT and cyber security standards to external parties 

You can use your audit reports to demonstrate to third parties that the highest standards of IT and cyber security are maintained throughout the organisation. The reports can also be used to demonstrate:

  • Independent and expert view of the effectiveness of your current IT and cyber security;
  • An understanding of the dynamic nature of IT and cyber security threats;
  • Compliance and alignment with standards such as EBA Guidelines, Pay.UK, Swift, ISO 27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework, Cyber Essentials and GDPR;
  • Future improvement activities of your IT and cyber security measures;
  • Your IT and cyber security posture to win new business.

Protect your brand reputation, build trust with clients, investors, and partners, and ensure long-term success by choosing fscom for your IT and cyber risk assurance needs. Get in touch with us today for a secure future in the financial services industry.

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