Fintech Start-up Pack

Fintech Fincrime Compliance Start-Up Pack

Are you a fintech start up who needs guidance on setting up your compliance?

For fintech companies starting out, we know how daunting it is to set up a compliance system from scratch because we were once starting up too!

We have developed a cost-effective fintech starter pack which aims to help you put the building blocks in place so your financial crime compliance kicks off on the right foot.

The fintech start-up pack has everything you need when it comes to starting your business’ financial crime compliance.

It is a suite of documents that establish your firm’s approach to financial crime covering both regulatory obligations and industry best practice which you can then tailor to your business model and risks.


The Fintech Start-Up Pack includes:

  • Fincrime risk assessment covering AML/CTF/Sanction/ABC risks;
  • Customer risk assessment matrix;
  • Customer onboarding procedural guidance;
  • SAR reporting procedures;
  • AML manual (to include periodic and event driven reviews procedures);
  • AML training materials; and a
  • Compliance monitoring plan.


Take the pain out of compliance and focus on your core business

As a fintech start-up, you want to focus on your core business activities, whether that is developing your software, attracting investment or increasing your brand awareness. We help you do just that by taking the pain out of compliance and providing you with everything you need to kickstart your compliance journey with the cost-effective Fintech Start-Up Pack. Get in touch to find out more.

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